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New PVP Reward System!

Shaiya Untold | New PVP Reward System!


New PVP Reward System!

The Vet Manager in the Auction house will rewared automatically now the items listed below when reaching a new PVP rank.

Kills - Reward Item(s)

1 Kill - 2x Concentration NOS
50 Kills - 5x Perfect Linking Hammer
300 Kills - 5x Perfect Extraction Hammer
1.000 Kills - 50.000 DP
5.000 Kills - 5x Defense Nostrum
10.000 Kills - 2x Untold Lv80 Loop
20.000 Kills - 2x Untold Lv80 Ring
30.000 Kills - Untold Lv80 Necklace
40.000 Kills - 150x Arkane Pots
50.000 Kills - 150.000 DP
70.000 Kills - 100x Eteo Cheese
90.000 Kills - 150x Vanilla Ice-Creme
110.000 Kills - Christmas Reindeer
130.000 Kills - 50.000 Etin
150.000 Kills - 300x 300.000 DP
200.000 Kills - Custome Name-Tag token
250.000 Kills - Weapon Skin 3
300.000 Kills - 3 Billion Gold
350.000 Kills - School Uniform Costume
400.000 Kills - Permanent Battlefield Rune
450.000 Kills - 255x Eteo Cheese
500.000 Kills - 300.000 DP
550.000 Kills - Weapon Skin 4
600.000 Kills - 30x Knockout NOS
650.000 Kills - 30x Health Remedy lv 3
700.000 Kills - Kill-Transfer Token
750.000 Kills - Bunny Costume
800.000 Kills - 400.000 DP
850.000 Kills - Weapon-Exchange Token
900.000 Kills - 4 Billion Gold
1.000.000 Kills - Maid Costume

Mar 30, 2021
New Costumes (+30 stats to all)!

Shaiya Untold | New Costumes (+30 stats to all)!


New Costumes (+30 stats to all)!

Bunny Costume
Bear Costume
Penguin Costume
School Uniform Costume
Mar 27, 2021
Shaiya Untold | Youtube Channel!

Shaiya Untold | Youtube Channel!


Shaiya Untold Youtube Channel

Visit our YouTube Channel for the latest PVP videos and more!
Don't forget to like the videos if you enjoyed them or subscribe to the channel!

Mar 20, 2021
Shaiya Untold | New website is online!

Shaiya Untold | New website is online!


Visit the new Shaiya Untold Website

New Fetures: PvP Ranking System, Boss Timer, Guild battle Ranking, Players Online And Voting System:
Vote Every 12H(3x) to Support our Server!
(Every Vote earns you 1000 DP!)

Mar 2, 2021
Shaiya Untold | Invite Your Friends

Shaiya Untold | Invite Your Friends


Invite Your Friends to our Discord Event!
Invite your friends to make this server bigger! (with proof screenshot)
With 5 invitations: 50,000 DP
With 10 invitations 120,000 DP
With 20 invitations 250,000 DP
With 30+ invitations 400,000DP

Send [Admin]Goku screenshots of every single player at the end of the event!
the event ends on 02/26/2021 at 11:59 PM servertime!

Febr 22, 2021
Shaiya Untold | Looking for Staff

Shaiya Untold | Looking for Staff


We are looking for staff!
If you will be part of the Shaiya Untold team
apply here now!

Febr 20, 2021
Closed Beta (CBT) Date Schedule

Closed Beta (CBT) Date Schedule


Closed Beta (CBT) Schedule Start from Febr 14 to 16

Febr 14, 2021
Shaiya Untold | The Origin of Untold

Shaiya Untold | The Origin of Untold


Shaiya is a stunning, free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG that immerses players in a massive war between the forces of Light and Darkness. Shaiya allows players to participate in solo or collaborative gaming.

Febr 13, 2021


Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue

27/03/2021 UPDATES


New Patch Updates:

Delete the old Untold Lapis Lv6 from this gold pig

OI Bosses: 1000 Untold Points
OI Mobs Drops:
25 Untold Points
50 Untold Points
75 Untold Points
100 Untold Points
500 Untold Point

New Bosses // Drops added
All Dimension Bosses // Drops added
Map DD1, DD2, Jungle added Guards at Safe Zones
Remove Sexy M/P packet from Item Mall

Add +30 stats to all Costumes and Weapon Designs 1-5

March 27, 2021
Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue

09/03/2021 UPDATES


New Patch Updates:

-Untold points 25 (40%)
-Untold points 1000 (100)
-all new lapis (100)

Cryptic One Fairy Queen:
-m/p/p/o weapons
-accesories lapis
-top lapis (100%)
-craft dual lapis
-1000 up

Cryptic One Bulldozer:
-Untold flash, helmet etc lapis
-duals (100%)
-different up's
-lp lv6
-all weapons (100%)

Blizabeth Eathory:
-tow gear

Cannibal Frozen Hydra:
-tow gear
-h/a cape fixed same probelm as a/r on aol
(now u will get one for hunter one for archer)
-apu/iris ah tp coordonate fixed
-m/p/p/o weapons should drop on the boss listed above

March 09, 2021
Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue

26/02/2021 UPDATES


New Patch Updates:

-fixed im accs pack
-sexy m/p set solved
-Untold m/p cape solved [will get one for each class, mage and priest separately due to unknown cause? lol]
-secreta drop issue solved
-gold pigs now drops 10M Gold 50% 50DP 50% Untold lapis lvl 6 30%
-skills should work now (not 100% sure yet)
-boots from h/a set fixed
-wanted more lower altars?, then there you go >:(
-weapons, gears and lapis are now tradable ( i hope so that worked from the first try :) )
-Untold H/A Cape should work now :)
-added kimu/sera/dios tp
-dios drop weaps and lapis

Febr 26, 2021
Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue

20/02/2021 UPDATES


New Patch Updates:

-new gears implemented in item mall
-new accessories implemented in item mall with +80 stats
-new capes implemented in item mall with +80 stats
-new weapons implemented
-renovatio altar stats has been decreased [was too hard to kill it]
-animus altar - same as renovatio - decreased it
-cruor altar - same as the two above
-recreation rune price was reduced and now it is costing 1000000 gold
-implemented new system perfect recreation rune with normal RR 50/5000 [all you have to do is to normally rr and it it will give you max stats bUP still randomized]
-added perfect extraction hammer in item mall [x255 stack]
-perfect linking hammer in im costs now 15000 UP bUP now has a stack of x255
-increased gear stats [the starter and the first gears named "ToW" not (ToW II) from bosses will remain with the same stats]
-removed all absorption lapis, only level 7 remained
-character skills has been rewritten [if you want to use them and take effect just use a skill reset stone from ah merchant]
-kanos illium bosses has been modified
-Greendieta Seraphim has been fixed
-Kimuraku has been fixed
-added new top ele lapis
-added new lapis
-new packages
-rewritten every mob
-rewritten every drop
-fixed all consumables and other stuffs
-fixed "rfu" on items
-most cross faction systems for now are activated
-golems hp and other stats has been decreased
-new gears will be only obtainable from item mall [so go farm your UP :p]
-new weapons will be only available to get them on bosses drop [x1 weapon drop for each class]
-and some other minor fixes which I forgot to note but they are fixed too

Febr 20, 2021
Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue

14/02/2021 UPDATES


New Patch Updates:

- increased starter money for newbies [1,5b]
- fixed helmet [now you can enchant it]
- lowed the price for enchant [365k]

Febr 14, 2021

Smell magic in the air. Or maybe barbecue

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Dec 1, 2019